Kyuhyun Super Junior mengungkapkan kue ulang tahun yang ia terima dari para penggemarnya.

Pada tanggal 3 Februari, ia mengunggah foto melalui akun twitter dan berkomentar “aku tidak mengunggah foto ini tadi malam karena aku lupa bahwa itu adalah malam ulang tahun Kyuhyun kemarin.”

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Life of Pi. This movie is really good. I watched it with Jongseokkie-hyung the other time but today(,) I watched it again!!!! Today’s ticket (was bought by) CEO Choi…Masi is cool~ Its been a long time since Eunsihae watched a movie together(,) it was fun! A shot (while) wearing the 3D glasses!!!!!!! http://twitpic.com/c0chfu

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Source: Eun Hyuk ‏@AllRiseSilver
Translated by: 유진♡ ‏@teukables

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Super Junior M Break Down ‘Thanks To’ Translations

Sungmin: First, thanks to God for letting me and the people I love, for those who love music and those who love and protect us, to share this album together. I hope that you will all be happy everyday! Love you all!

Siwon: The new era has come! I believe that the language that we share ‘music’ will let our friendship and love be closer and be more honest(?), one and a half years has passed, Super Junior-M has a new beginning, hope that time time will be a time that you all treasure very much! God Bless and Happy New Year.

Ryeowook: First, I want to thank everyone who was with me, may you all be happy every day! ♥ Love you all E.L.F!~^_____^

Kyuhyun: Thanks to God!…

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